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Leaflets, posters - specifications



The ideal form of data you send to us:

- graphic data should be in the same size as the final print; 1:1 scale, 300dpi resolution
(if you want a print of an ink drawing, where the bitmaps don’t include halftone screen, you need at least 600dpi resolution)
In case you send your data in smaller resolution, we can’t guarantee top quality of the final print (blurred print, visible pixels etc.)

- we accept all traditional formats from ADOBE and COREL sets,  eventually formats eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff, other formats on request

- all date should be sent in CMYK colour scale, black and white data in greyscale format. Other colour models (RGB, Spot - direct colour e.g. Pantone, DeviceN - duplex, triplex, multi-channel pictures) can be used as well but we can’t guarantee identical colour scales of the final product.

- all graphic objects (especially objects with shadows or transaprencies) join up for one raster

- text and vector objects without effects (transparencies, shadows) always convert to curves

- finally data must be sent as kompozition PDF/X-1a


Don´t forget on registration marks and bleed (3mm). USE OUR TEMPLATES:

If you need help, contact us! Our graphics from DTP studio are ready for you.



- flier size A6

dowlonad (PDF)

- poster size A2

download (PDF)


If you need special templates for other prints, please contact us!



For each order or quation we need to know the following information:

- the quantity

- print size

- if you need one side or both side print

- type of paper (most popular papers HERE)

- colour schemes (CMYK or black & white-greyscale and details about special colour - e.g. gold)


Use faster and easiest way - our form!



We do express deliveries (additional cost) within 3-4 working days or standard deliveries within

7-8 working days after you provide all documents needed.

Do you need your products faster than this? Contact us! In most cases we can ship faster.

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