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"Woodland Journey-Girlie"




We offer production of prints of all standard as well as custom-made types of prints and packaging, incl. the possibility of blind blocking, metal foil stamping (gold, silver,…), holograms, etc. Actual we offer wooded boxes for your CD, DVD or vinyl. Look for gallery HERE!


- Technical specification for CDs for basic types of printed matters (prints)
- Technical specification for DVDs for basic types of printed matters (prints)
- Technical specifications for a wide range of printed matters on request
- Printed material exporuse parameters - offset printing on request



- Digipacks, card wallets (carton sleeves), digisleeves, boxes, sleeves
- Jewel boxes, slim boxes, single boxes, multipack boxes, Amaray-style boxes, metal boxes, foam and plastic clips
- Wallets of polypropylene foil (with the possibility of rear gluing or without it)
- Paper envelopes with a window (with the possibility of rear gluing or without it)

- Production of greetings cards with a cutout for a CD or DVD (see greetings cards with a CD and DVD)
- Cellophane, foil packaging
- Production of custom-made printed matters, cases and sleeves

The recommendation for a long-term storage of CDs and DVDs is to use special packaging, where is no direct contact between a recording area of the disc and another material. Especially for a long-term storage of the discs the usage of the simple plastic or paper envelopes is not recommended.



As next service we offer top-quality service in record packaging. If your record requires it we are willing to play with each packaging for so long until the product becomes a real musical and collector’s gem.


- Internal bags
- Disco bags
- Outer covers

- Rigid boxes
And countless other optionsa nespočet dalších možností where we flexibly react to the customer’s requirements and are happy to cooperate in creating an original design.

All services are accompanied by top-quality support encompassing e.g. completion, storage or delivery of the required product according to the customer’s wishes.



Do you need special case? Do you need inspiration? Something extra? Write us!. For inspiration you can look on wooden boxex gallery. galerii dřevěných boxů.


Do you have any questions? Write us! Napište nám!


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