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"Radost poslouchat (F)"

Textile - specifications



The ideal form of data you send to us:

- graphics should always be in the actual size of your print - in 1:1 resolution 300dpi

- shaded or colour-complex motives should always be sent in RGB mode, in two separate layers: 1st layer = the actual motive, 2nd layer = background (shirt colour)

- monochromatic or basic-coloured, simple designs can be sent in any format shown below, ideally in vector graphics (as a curve) (formats: ai, cdr)

- we accept all graphic sets of Corel and Adobe formats, or eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf or tiff formats. Other formats are available on request



For each order or quotation we need to know the following information:

- the quantity and type of textile (brand name, cut, size, color) - the textile offer is HERE

- size of each print in mm (front motive, back motive, sleeves ...)

- number of colors in each print (only if you know this information)



Shipping time is 10days after we receive all documents, in case all textiles are in stock. In exceptional circumstances we are able to ship the order immediately upon receipt of all necessary documents.


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