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"Millions Of Figurines (H)"

Silk-screen print on textiles

Highest quality and most durable textile printing and textile products associated with
direct silk-screen printing.


- Production series from 1 – 1000s pieces, daily capacity of 3,000 T-shirts with full-
  color printing.
- Maximum color scheme - 8 colors hand printing  / 14 colors machine printing

- Maximal print size 50x70cm (for 8 coloured carousel) / 45x65cm (for 14 colours automat)
- ALLOVER print possiblity - number of print colours and details we solve individual
- The possibility of an atypical location of motifs - sleeves, neck and bottom hem.
- We use the technology of plastisol and water colors



- Gold, silver color
- Crystaline
- Puff effect
- Glitter Plastisol
- Phosphorus Print



Transmission time is within 10 days from delivery of all documents.



You can check our T-shirts previews in the T-SHOP.

If you are looking for suitable material for printing, you can choose from the most popular textiles which we are using for prints and we recommend them HERE or you will definitely choose from a wide range of other textiles HERE. In both cases the textiles are usually available within 3 working days.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate and contact us at: kontakt@crystalprod.cz

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