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"Celý AZ v bílém"



Patches are popular products in the field of textile printing. You must have used them at some point of your life. Maybe you wanted to cover a hole and “save” your outfit or you simply wanted to be seen as a fan of your favorite band, wearing the patch on your jacket…


- The standard size of a patch is 9 cm x 16 cm where the printing area must be within 7 cm x 13cm.
- If you choose a non standard size patch, the price will be calculated individually.
We will answer all your questions at: kontakt@crystalprod.cz.



- The price of standard patches (9x16) is 0,40€ per piece if you order patches well in advance and in case we do more orders at a time.
- Express print - when you don’t give any ahead notice, is 0,60€ per piece.



- The minimum number for accepting an order is 50 pieces.
- Specifications details HERE.

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