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Below you can see the types of button packing we offer. Examples are for referential purposes only, they are not standardized packages. If you wish to pack your buttons in a different way, we can produce packs according to your requirements.

In case you do not specify the package type, buttons will be delivered in bags.


Package appearance (size, material, colour, shape, labels and graphics) can be adjusted according to your requirements.
Individual packages can be sealed in a clear plastic foil, packed in zip-lock bags, etc.
Contact us if you want to consult your requirements.


Packing types (to enlarge cluck on the image):

- Rectangle mat with holes for hanging
- Circular mat with a hole for hanging
- Printed card
- Zip-lock bags packing





When you buy a strong back side Nd magnet, your magnetic buttons can be used as name tags, etc. Also used for clothes you do not want to damage with safety pins.

For the back side magnets use the code B601 in your order form)


We offer rosettes in standard colours: blue, red, green and orange. Other colours are available on request. Rosettes are suitable for safety pin buttons with a 50, 56 or 58 mm diameter.

Use the following codes for rosettes in your order form:
B602-01 (for blue rosettes)
B602-02 (for red rosettes)
B603-03 (for green rosettes)
B604-04 (for orange rosettes)

Contact us if you have any questions.




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