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GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA #9 first time on 2 days!!! 17.1.2017 / 19:53:39

All details about festival at:


GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA #8 - 13th Feburary 2016 - Ostrava, CZ 22.1.2016 / 17:35:34

16 bands from all Europe in two clubs! Headliner: SCHIRENC PLAY PUNGENT STENCH (A)!


All details about festival at!!!


GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA #6 is coming! 21.1.2014 / 18:08:11

GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA FEST #6 will be 15th February 2014. More info about next volume at or

X-MASS 2013 21.12.2013 and next gig news! 7.10.2013 / 11:31:26

In this time we have prepare 11th volume of X-MASS FESTIVAL!


Confirmed bands: THE SWITCH, LIVEEVIL, BEHIND OUR WALLS a THE BONE COLLECTOR! All details very soon at this website!


If you cannot wait on christmass: visit great new festival CARNIVAL OF SOUL in NEW Hard Cafe in Karvina!


All details about this festival at


And last big news - GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA #6 BUDE will be at Saturday 15th February 2014!

One month till GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA #5! 16.1.2013 / 11:25:39

Line-up for 5th volume and all others is ready! For deatils information about fest please look at or!


GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA#5 - first confirmed bands! 8.11.2012 / 17:11:22

All grindfreaks, GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA fest #5 is NEAR! Date is 16th February 2013 - you can add this to your calendars! We have first confirmed bands - details HERE.

DEAD INFECTION as headliner at GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA festival #4 8.2.2012 / 13:12:16

Goregods DEAD INFECTION from Poland are a hedliner our festival!

all info about festival you can find here:


Crystal Production in competition Břitva! 1.11.2011 / 17:58:24

It is our pleasure that we can see our bands and festivals in Břitva Competition 2011.


We have achieved eighth place in COMPANY OF DECADE and it is good to see our band LIVEEVIL in ALBUM OF DECADE and VIDEOCLIP OF DECADE.And our festival X-MASS achieved some points too.


Thanx everybody who gave us some points!

Complete results can be viewed HERE


!!! MENHIR CANCEL GIG !!! 22.9.2011 / 14:27:45

MENHIR cancel show in Ostrava! Through personal problems MENHIR must cancel all next activities and we apologize for it :-( On gig will be play SILVA NIGRA, ENWYLLION and third band, but in this time we don´t know this who...  We are sorry once more :-(




Anxur and Crystal Team


MENHIR first gig in Czech Republic! 26.8.2011 / 12:07:52

Legendary Pagan metal band called MENHIR have first gig in Czech Republic!23.September in Ostrava´s new club Barrak will play another bands like SILVA NIGRA and ENWYLLION.Preorder tickets HERE.We are looking forward to great party!


Everything you need to know is HERE!

Official FACEBOOK event HERE!

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